August Is a Great Time for Changes

Susan Richmond

How many of you feel that we are on the cusp of changes before the arrival of fall?  We certainly do  here at Funky Chicken Farm. Beautiful changes are happening all over the place! Planting season is here.  Certain venues where we sell our products are closing which gives rise to other creative outlets.  The Farmers Market at Rockledge Gardens has beautiful changes that are coming, and Andrew and Suzanne are getting ready for vacation!

August is seed planting season here in central Florida.  Suzanne has decided to offer Vermicompost with Mycelium as a new product.  The vermicompost is made from rabbit manure and compostable veggies.  It is truly rich, holds moisture, and has enzymes that allow plants to take up nutrients more easily.  Now available for pickup at Funky Chicken Farm.  Call Suzanne for more info at 321-505-4066

Much to our dismay, The Love Hut, where Suzanne has been selling her tie dyed clothing for many years, is closing.  However, they are looking for another venue in which to sell their products.  We love Anthony and Lisa Dharmana and wish them all the best!  Until then, Suzanne will be updating the website to include tie dye sales!  So stay tuned!  You can still purchase tie dyes at Rockledge Gardens Farmers Market

The Farmers Market at Rockledge Gardens is undergoing expansion, a new look, and will be open 7 days a week starting in October!!!  A certified kitchen is being installed, a new room with a demonstration kitchen is being built by The Big Dream Factory which makes pasta and features all kinds of Italian food, and cooking demonstrations.  A cut flower garden will be installed, and also picnic tables at which you can enjoy the amazing culinary creations coming out of the new kitchen!  

Andrew and Suzanne have been working diligently all through the summer and need time to recoup so Funky Chicken Farm will be closed for the month of October.  If you need to place  orders for  meat, egg, honey, kraut, cracker, or other products, to get you through October, please place your order by September 17th at 321-505-4227.  We will attend the October 3 Brev Co. Mkt, and also the October 5 market at Rockledge Gardens... 

Alrighty then... Thats our update for now.  Like us on FB and get the weekly happenings and offerings from Funky Chicken Farm!  Thanks for your patronage.  We couldn't do what we do without you.

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