Brown Egg Layer Golden Comet Chickens September SALE!!!

Susan Richmond

LAST DAY TO GET THEM IS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27TH.   Get them by Friday. Make an appointment with Andrew at 321-505-4227. They will not be available after Friday.

Delicious, natural, free range eggs can be yours if you desire to raise backyard laying hens.  They are easy to raise, friendly, and require a secure pen.

Raising backyard chickens has become a trend in many neighborhoods in city limits.  Check with your local town hall to learn how many you can have.  The number is generally 4 to 6 hens only, no roosters!  You don't want to be waking up your hard working neighbor in the middle of the night with your crowing rooster!

Chickens require a secure pen that is best made using half inch hardware cloth, in which they are locked up at night to keep them safe from all types of predators. They will need daily shade, water, and chicken feed to supplement their diet so they can produce beautiful, hard shell eggs.  All chickens go into the pen at night and the door needs to be locked so that way wiley racoons cannot open the door!

Chickens are easy to raise and offer great entertainment.  They can become friendly and may even allow you to hold them.  They eat bugs, grass, and love to take sand baths.

From Sept 16 thru Sept 29 Funky Chicken Farm is having a sale on their brown egg layer Golden Comet Hens!!!   See poster for more info.  No need to call ahead when coming Saturday or Sunday for pickup.  Any other time an appointment is needed with Andrew at 321-505-4227

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