Farm News from Funky Chicken Farm Aug 2019

Susan Richmond

Is your summer a bit soggy and hot?   Well, fall is right around the corner and school just started so lets all focus on the cooler weather on the way!  Here at the farm we have ready to lay hens and they have been grazing the green grass and abundance of bugs.  Andrew also has a variety of dark egglayer type chicks such as Barnvelder, Cuckoo Maran (deep wine colored egg), and Welsummer.  These chick breeds are not offered at your local feed store.  You can come by the farm Saturday and Sunday to purchase your flock.  Please bring a box or carrier in which to take them home!

Suzanne recently sent a large group of rabbits to the processor.  She is now packaging them quartered, rather than whole, to make it easier for you to prepare your favorite rabbit recipes at home!  Rabbit is available Thursdays at Brevard County Farmers Market, and Saturdays at The Farmers Market at Rockledge Gardens.  If you would like to reserve yours, contact Suzanne at 321-505-4066.

Suzanne is now offering Florida Crackers!   Florida Crackers are made from freshly ground flax seeds and are flavored with veggies and spices and are delicious.  She is making them for all of you who are gluten-free, low-carb, or are on restrictive diets.  They are also low in salt and packed with flavor.  Flax seed offers fiber and Omega 3 essential oils that are great for your gut and heart health.  Try a sample from Suzanne at one of the markets she attends that are listed above.  They are only $3 per bag!  The current flavor is Onion-Caraway.

Composting Worms, aka Red Wigglers, are available by pre-order.  Now is the time to make that compost!! We have an abundance of greenery due to all the rain and it makes great feed for worms that will create the best soil ever.  Pre-order with Suzanne at 321-505-4066 and pickup at the markets listed above or at Funky Chicken Farm.

When you can grow some of your own food, grow food to share or trade for other types of food, you are an empowered person, and spiritually connected to your sustenance and community.   Come to our farmers markets and be a part of it all!  

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