Funky Chicken Farm is Ready For the Holidays!

Susan Richmond

We are back from vacation with a new perspective. Getting away from daily routines can offer insight into change for the better.  That is truly why vacations are so important to me.  I get buried in the day to day tasks, running my life and businesses, and often its difficult to look above the forest to see what is really going on.

Sometimes in life you just need to look at things in a different way, from a different angle, and be open to change.  We get so comfortable in our routine that sometimes we won't risk changing it, even if it means things will be better all around.  I am very fortunate to have Andrew to bounce around ideas and creative solutions.  He is good at reality, and I am better at dreaming!  The reality is that we are getting older, and because of this, we can tweak the ways in which we accomplish our tasks to make it easier or smarter.  We can make better decisions!  We are constantly tweaking our relationship to each other and therefore, becoming better partners.  We tweak the farm and how we accomplish tasks. And we look for inspiration wherever we go.  Going to far away places where the culture is different, or older, or creative in different ways than my own culture, or more spiritual than our day to day life is a breath of fresh air that carries new ideas.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, Andrew and I, Suzanne, here at Funky Chicken Farm reminds you to enjoy the moments of doing nothing.  Schedule that time if you need to.  Go somewhere new if its possible.  See something new to you so that you are inspired.  Listen to music you have never heard before.  Participate in creating art. And be ready for new tweaks in your life that make it easier, better, happier, more profitable, or whatever you decide you want.  And hold on to your hats because here come The Holidays!

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