Happy New Year from Funky Chicken Farm

Susan Richmond

Andrew and I (Suzanne) wish you all the best on this coming New Year.  Fresh eggs from your own backyard is a fun, fascinating, highly nutritious, and delicious way to grow some food for your table or for someone elses table.  Fresh eggs can be sold and also bartered for other foods that backyard farmers grow.  Trading eggs for veggies, herbs, fruits in season can be lots of fun.  We always encourage growers to grow what you grow best!  For some, growing laying hens for eggs is the way to go.  For others, growing veggies is the way to go, and we all need each other!  No one farmer can do it all.  We encourage you to put some focus on growing food and networking with others who grow food in the New Year of 2020!  We wish you a Happy, Prosperous, Adventure and Health filled New Year!   

A sidenote:  It has gotten more difficult for us to find older pullets because no one wants to give up their just about to lay egg laying chickens!  We will continue to start them from chicks and grow them out, however, often they get sold before they reach 3 months of age.  We will continue to offer the backyard tried and true breeds and also add some unusual breeds for variety.  As always, we are OPEN to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 2pm.  If these hours don't work for you, you can schedule an appointment with Andrew.  Attached is the current list of livestock we have to offer.  Thanks for being great customers!

Blessings to you from us,

Andrew and Suzanne  at Funky Chicken FarmHappy New Year!

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