Funky Chicken Farm
3510 Hield Rd
Melbourne, Florida 32904

Funky Town Farm Stand is OPEN Saturday and Sunday from 10 - 2pm.

Take Exit 176 off I-95, go west past most all of the shopping centers till you reach Minton Rd and make a right onto Minton Rd.  Go north on Minton for about 1/4 mile to Hield Rd. traffic light  and make a left going west. We are located at 3510 Hield Rd.


We sell local honey, soaps, balms, tie dyed clothing, Rabbit meat and farm raised Chicken when available, Pork, Bacon, Sausages, Eggs , Zone 9 Planting Chart, Growboxes, Worm Composters, The Growbox: Guide to Making Self-Watering Containers and Worm Composters, Composting Worms.  All of this is produced, created, fabricated, packaged, labeled, at our farm, and we do source from other local farmers and backyard chicken enthusiasts.  We do not claim to be organic, although some of our products are. Please do not go wandering about the farm without the escort of Suzanne or Andrew.  Please respect our privacy. Call us on the cell if you cannot see us or honk the horn.

Farm Etiquette

When visiting any farm, it's a good idea to practice farm etiquette.  It is our experience that a lot of urbanites don't understand farm life.  So here are some guidelines when planning a visit to a farm. 

Farmers are busy people and want to be available for you when you arrive.  Generally speaking, farmers will not allow people to go wandering about the farm without an escort.

A farm is  not a petting zoo so don't expect to be able to show up and be able to handle the chicks or other farm animals. Yes, we know you want to!

Please leave any pets at home, Dogs especially. Children running around will stress out the farm animals.  Please do not smoke cigarettes at the farm.  Certain vegetable plants can contract diseases from the smoke.  

Do your chicken research beforehand.  Check our availability list .  We can help you make your final decisions.

Be prepared to make your purchase and always bring a box or carrier with a closable lid in which to take home live animals.  Always beware of and respect fences and barriers.  They can shock you as some are electric. Remember, the farm is our home, from which we make our livelihood. Please respect that by not wandering around without Suzanne or Andrew to escort you.

These rules apply to  any farm you may be interested in visiting.  Following these rules will help make your visit less stressful for everyone, including the livestock and farmers!