Crusty Man Beard Balm Scent Pot 1/3 oz size

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Crusty Man Beard Balm Scent Pot 1/3 oz size

In de Islands dey say ,"Strong enough for a woman but made for a crusty ole seafaring man!"  This is a soothing and softening balm for men to put on their faces after a shave or use it directly on a beard to keep down frizz.  It also makes a great pomade for hair!  Men love the scent of Bay Rum fragrance oil which is the scent of the islands, spicy and fresh!  Use this balm for hands, feet, hair, faces, and beards!

The soothing action of sunflower and coconut oils with beeswax helps to mend razor burn, skin cracks, or peeling skin. The spicy aroma will lift a crusty mans mood! 

This smaller size is perfect for purse, pocket, or backpack.

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