Tea Tree Oil Balm

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Tea Tree Oil Balm

Tea Tree grows in Australia and has been a staple herb for Aborigines living there since ancient times. Tea Tree Oil from Australian Maleleuca Alternifolia, battles microbes to prevent infection of skin. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in nature and has a bright and clean scent.  Tea Tree Oil Balm contains Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil.  Use on skin, hair, nails, feet.  Two sizes available include a 4 oz jar for the nightstand or a smaller 1/3 oz scent pot size for the pocket, purse, or backpack.

Some of the many traditional uses for tea tree include:

  • Healing Acne and Bacterial infections
  • Chickenpox and Cold sores
  • Congestion and respiratory tract infections
  • Earaches
  • Fungal infections (especially Candida, jock itch, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus)
  • Head lice
  • MRSA
  • Psoriasis
  • Dry cuticles
  • Itchy insect bites
  • Sores and sunburns
  • Boils from staph infections

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