Growbox: Guide to Building and Using Self-Watering Containers BOOK

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Growbox: Guide to Building and Using Self-Watering Containers BOOK

The book now includes instructions on how to build Worm Composters!

Growbox:  Guide to Making Self-Watering Containers has all directions on how to make them.  Growboxes solve so many gardening challenges when it comes to growing and producing food.  Are you tired of battling the weeds, ants, nematodes, and not having enough organic matter in your soils to grow vegetables that thrive?  Do you live on a sandbar, in the desert, in a flood zone, or a difficult place to grow veggies?  Then the Growbox may be the answer for you.  Easy to make with a few tools, the Growbox contains all the water and nutrients that a veggie plant wants, when it wants it.  They are portable which means you can move them into the shade during the harsh summer months, or optimize the sunlight that is available to you.  Easily made from containers and supplies you can purchase from local stores, the Growbox is the answer to growing veggies in your suburban yard without having to dig it up. We call this method Hydroganic because you do fill it with soil.  You can use commercial bagged soil mixes or concoct your own.  You will conserve water, make best use of nutrients, save time, and eat nutritious food you grew yourself!  Growing food is a great and rewarding hobby.  It is a mission of Funky Chicken Farm to teach people how to grow food.  They only cost about $10 to make and you will make four at a time for best use of your time and materials.

A second section of the book includes instructions for building a Worm Composter which has a spout for pouring off Worm Casting Tea to use as a fertilizer for the garden.  By using the worms in a composting bin, earthworm castings can be harvested on a regular basis.   These worm bins have a spout, and 2 compartments, one for holding the worms, and one for holding the liquid produced, which allows for easy pour off of the worm tea.  This incredibly rich, dark liquid, contains all sorts of beneficial soil organisms and nutrients that worms provide.  It can be used directly in the garden and on all flower and vegetable plants.

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